Proud to Serve Ontario Corn Fed Beef

At Canyon Creek we are privileged to serve Canada AAA Ontario Corn Fed Beef striploins and sirloins from honest, hard-working beef farmers.

Our Executive Chef Dorian King is excited about the opportunity to offer Ontario Corn Fed Beef on the menu. In addition to the taste and the quality of the product, King is proud to be supporting the family farms producing Ontario Corn Fed Beef. King says supporting the local community is important to the entire SIR Corp organization.

“To me,” says King, “it’s important and exciting to be able to support local businesses. We’re fortunate to have access to great quality beef right in our backyard, and we’re able to lower the impact of bringing beef in from other areas of the world,” says King, adding there’s an emotional connection involved with supporting the Ontario Corn Fed Beef brand. “It feels like we’re a part of it. It feels like you’re supporting a family, and that hits home for me and a lot of the people on our team.”

Wanting to differentiate their steak offerings with higher specifications, Canyon Creek is also impressed with Quality Assurance program of Ontario Corn Fed Beef along with the auditing process. While people recognize the great quality of Canadian beef, the OCFB Quality Assurance program as part of the on-farm protocols and practices enhances that reputation.

The result of those quality standards however, all comes down to great taste and tenderness of Ontario Corn Fed Beef. “From what I taste, that hint of sweetness comes through from the corn in the meat,” says Executive Chef Dorian King. “And just as important to us is the consistency of the flavour so our guests at Canyon Creek will know what kind of quality to expect when they visit our restaurants.”

“The move to support local producers and products keeps growing,” says Jim Clark of the Ontario Cattle Feeders Association. “Ontario consumers are demanding a high quality local beef product, and we’re proud to deliver that. It’s wonderful to be working with Canyon Creek who see the value in our quality beef and the benefits it brings both our economy and their dinner guests.”

Ontario Corn Fed Beef