Since 2014, Water for Wells has been our way of giving back and doing our part. It’s a simple program that allows Canyon Creek and our guests to help provide clean drinking water to those in need.

Every time you purchase a bottle of our in-house filtered still or sparkling water, the net proceeds of that purchase are donated to Wells of Hope, our partner charity. These proceeds have raised $183,000 in charitable funds in the past three years alone.

We at Canyon Creek have personally funded three trips for our very own team members to visit the rural region of Jalapa, Guatemala. In addition to building wells, we also helped the community in a number of ways:

  • Carried thousands of mud bricks to build homes for poor families
  • Built two classrooms and painted two schools
  • Served food to dozens of families living in poverty
  • Gave clothing, backpacks, school supplies, glasses, sewing supplies, toys, sports equipment, books, landscaping tools, and more

To see our experience and the positive work we have done in the region, please watch the video series below. We look forward to lending some hands and hearts every year with a new group from Canyon Creek.

It is a life changing experience for not only the people of Jalapa, but our team members as well. The trip strengthens their desire for change and to provide hope in the developing world. In turn, their desire for change inspires their friends, families, and colleagues to make a difference.

Our partner, Wells of Hope, remains committed to helping those in need attain the life-giving necessity of clean water, as well as education, health care, and community support in Guatemala. To learn more about the amazing work being done and how you can get involved, please visit wellsofhope.com.

To see some of the Canyon team’s efforts in providing assistance and support to the people of Jalapa, explore the photo album below.

Team members who made the trek to make a difference

Jordan Sedge, General Manager, Canyon Creek Square One
Dan Warren, Support Centre
Dorian King,Executive Chef, Canyon Creek 
Randi Mousinho, Manager, Canyon Creek Burlington
Sarah Crewe, Host, Canyon Creek Burlington
Sharon Harrison, Bartender, Canyon Creek Airport
Karla Pena, Support Centre
Darce Lastiwka, Support Centre
Erik Ounpuu, Support Centre
Margaret Dowell, Support Centre
Maria Leon, Support Centre
Kaley Stuart, Support Centre

John Mackay, Regional Director, Jack Astor’s
Jessica Lawrence, Jack Astor’s Sherway
Amy Quan, Assistant General Manager, Loose Moose
Richard Johnson, Kitchen Manager, Jack Astor’s Argentia
Raymond Nabbjohn, Support Centre
Kim Van Nieuwkoop, Sr. VP of HR & General Counsel
Greg Rust, Support Centre
Michelle Hicks, Support Centre
Adrian Andaya, Scaddabush Executive Chef
Amy Moore, Scaddabush Square One
Hasan Baghdadi, Scaddabush Front St.
Mark Di Giulio, Canyon Creek Operations Director
Tania Sukraj, Canyon Creek Front St.
Ross Fazio, Canyon Creek Airport
Rafael Rivera, Canyon Creek Scarborough
Kaleigh Fougere, Canyon Creek Square One
Jorden Sedge, Canyon Creek Vaughan
Ciera Petratur, Canyon Creek Niagara
Sharon Penney, Canyon Creek Niagara
Catherine Holden, Support Centre
Paul Bognar, COO

Greg Whitby, Reds Midtown Tavern
Nethaa Sinnathamby, Reds Square One
Richard Medina, Reds Wine Tavern
Simon Evans, Reds Director of Operations
James Jesty, VP of Jack Astor’s
Andy Moore, Support Centre
Lorianne Glassford, VP of Real Estate & Development
Erin Port, Support Centre
Samantha McCaffrey, Support Centre
Ryan Dymond, Regional Manager, Jack Astor’s
Patricia Zambelis, Jack Astor’s Sherway
Geoff Baker, Jack Astor’s Ancaster
Nichole Dale, Jack Astor’s London North
Sydney Rose, Jack Astor’s Richmond Row
Jack Beall, Jack Astor’s Richmond Row
Phil Smyth, Jack Astor’s Burlington
Martin Mazur, Jack Astor’s Front St.
Raymond Azurin, Jack Astor’s Front St.
Stephanie Houle, Jack Astor’s Boisbriand
Kareen Germaine, Jack Astor’s Pickering
Tegan Bannan Jack Astor’s Hunt Club

Nicole Brissett, Reds Midtown Tavern
Stephanie Ebreo, Canyon Creek Square One
Cassie Flemming, Canyon Creek Airport
Adele Gigantes, Canyon Creek Sherway
Jeff Good, CFO
James Hudson, Canyon Creek Niagara
Anesie Johnson-Smith, VP of Marketing
Ed Kusins, Director of Operations, Canyon Creek
Teresa Lazette, Support Centre
David McArthur, Support Centre
Dennis Potvin-O’Connell, Canyon Creek Square One
Greg Rothery, Duke’s Refresher
Kristi Saunders, Canyon Creek Airport
Stephen Seymour, VP, Technology
Katie Shaver, Support Centre
Brynn Thurlow, Canyon Creek Front St.
Ethan Uy, Canyon Creek Burlington
Adam Wright, Support Centre
Peter Fowler, CEO

James Jesty, VP, Jack Astor’s
Kathryn Long, Support Centre
Mike Cappiello, VP, Scaddabush
Derek Habraken, Scaddabush Richmond Hill
Steven Harris, Jack Astor’s Pickering
Matthew Pitre, Jack Astor’s Whitby
Adrian Whitfield, Executive Chef, Jack Astor’s
Jen Juby, Support Centre
Andrea Hall, Jack Astor’s Brampton
LA Glassford, VP, Real Estate & Construction
Alexis Dello, Jack Astor’s Brampton
Torrey MacPherson, Jack Astor’s Kanata
Kim Van Nieuwkoop, VP, Human Resources & General Counsel
Emma Burns, Jack Astor’s Kanata
Alexandra Lenehan, Jack Astor’s London North
Gary Van Alphen, Jack Astor’s Richmond Row
Lindsay Clayborne, Jack Astor’s Burlington
Azamodeen Sahid, Jack Astor’s Dundas & 403

Heather Allison, Canyon Creek Burlington
Kevin Blundell, Canyon Creek Niagara
Cassandra Brunton, Reds Adelaide
Megan Choinniere, Canyon Creek Square One
Kathryn Demarco, Canyon Creek Sherway
Victoria Douglas, Support Centre
Claudia Jasek, Canyon Creek Square One
Dorian King, Executive Chef Canyon Creek & Signature
Christa MacDonald, Canyon Creek Burlington
Shawna Menton, Canyon Creek Airport
Kara Ogilvie, Loose Moose
Kristin Parker, Canyon Creek Burlington
Gary Rau, Support Centre
Will Santoya, Canyon Creek Airport
Stephen Seymour, Support Centre
Kim van Nieuwkoop, Support Centre
Tarna Wood, Canyon Creek Scarborough
Tony Zidar, VP Canyon Creek & Signature

Samantha Baxter-Flanagan, Jack Astor’s Hunt Club, Ottawa
Maggie Bezan, Support Centre
Tim Carlson, Jack Astor’s Newmarket
Ryan Cunningham, Jack Astor’s Barrie
Peter Fowler, CEO
Ben Grosse, Jack Astor’s Hunt Club, Ottawa
Jordan Heslop, Jack Astor’s Whitby
James Jesty, VP Jack Astor’s
Kiki Kekewich, Jack Astor’s Barrie
Sarah King, Jack Astor’s Whitby
Nick Leibfried, Jack Astor’s St. Catharines
Deb Logar, Support Centre
Juliane Mepham, Jack Astor’s Burlington
Kat O’Grady, Jack Astor’s St Catharines
Grace Oliveira, Jack Astor’s Newmarket
Joshua Spence, Jack Astor’s Burlington
Joseph Stephen, Support Centre
Kim van Nieuwkoop, Support Centre

Sherry Bailey, Support Centre
Kevin Blundell, Canyon Creek Niagara
Peter Fowler, CEO
Rebecca Held, Reds Midtown
Michael Hunter, Chef Reds Adelaide
Kyle King, Canyon Creek Scarborough
Damien Lacroix, Canyon Creek Square One
Mia Manito, Canyon Creek Scarborough
Kara Ogilvie, Loose Moose
Piotr Rak, Canyon Creek Sherway
Sheena Ryan, Canyon Creek Airport
Ram Sivasubramaniam, Canyon Creek Burlington